Digital scale of 100 kg Payam Tozin model TS100

Digital scale of 100 kg Payam Tozin model TS100


Digital scale of 100 kg Payam Tozin model TS100

Original price was: ۳,۹۰۰,۰۰۰ تومان.Current price is: ۳,۸۰۰,۰۰۰ تومان.

Key product specifications:

  • 100 kg capacity
  • Accuracy 20 grams
  • The dimensions of the sole are 30 x 40 cm
  • The height of the column is 30 cm
  • Has an LCD display

100 kg Payam Tozin TS10 digital scale is one of the best-selling light scales for mobile businesses, which is made by Payam Tozin with the best capabilities.

The structure of 100 kg weighing message model TS100

100 kg Payam Tozin TS100 scale has a compact design with a pan size of 30*40 cm, which allows the user to easily carry it. The body of this scale is all metal, so it will resist water and strong shocks well. The accuracy of the scale TS100 For measurement, it is 20 grams which can be adjusted by the user. Display The 100 kg payam tozin is mounted on the bottom of the scale by a column with a height of 30 cm, which is placed inside a metal case for greater security. This display that The company’s own product is Payam Tozin, in addition to displaying the unit and total price, it has a calculator to facilitate the user’s work.

This hundred kilo metal scale is often used in small shops such as vegetable shops, fruit sellers and also all mobile businesses (which do not have access to city electricity); will be responsive.

The reason for using the 100 kg weighing scale for mobile business

You might be wondering how this scale is suitable for mobile businesses? In answer to this question, it should be said that Payam Tozin company has installed a strong internal battery to make this scale, which in case of emergency, i.e. for places where access to city electricity is impossible, the user will be able to use the internal battery of this digital scale. Therefore, with the TS100 scale Weighing message without the need to recharge the scale, for a long time You can continue your business in a remote area. Meanwhile, we emphasize that The most accurate weight sensors (loadcell) have been used to make the 100 kg Payam Tozin to minimize the fluctuation and stone breakage.

How many load cells does TS100 digital scale have?

It should be noted that the 100 kg digital scale has a single load cell Payam Tazoin is the only company that can be used in making scales for load cells ts100, puts a protective chassis so that this protector will protect the load cell against heavy impacts and pressure.

However, if you are planning to buy a suitable scale for your small store, the 100 kg scale is a model weighing message. TS100 It can be the best choice for you in every way. You can buy this accurate 100 kg scale, like Payam Tozin 300 kg scale, Payam Tozin 200 kg scale and other products of this brand, with a 14-month warranty from the company itself, online or in person at an amazing price.

It should be mentioned that: “This scale is produced according to the standard criteria of 1-6589.”

To buy, advise and get the updated price of 100 kg Payam Touzin TS100 digital scale, contact the sales experts of Payam Touzin company.

نام محصول:

Payam Tozin scale




100 kg


20 grams

ابعاد کفه:

30 x 40 cm

ارتفاع ستون:


محافظ نمایشگر:

has it

کفه لبه دار:


رنگ ضد خش و الکترواستاتیک:


پاره سنگ:

has it

شارژ داخلی:

has it

گارد و محافظ کناری:

has it

نوع نمایشگر:





14 months


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Digital scale of 100 kg Payam Tozin model TS100Digital scale of 100 kg Payam Tozin model TS100
Original price was: ۳,۹۰۰,۰۰۰ تومان.Current price is: ۳,۸۰۰,۰۰۰ تومان.
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