باسکول 1500 کیلویی پیام توزین مدل TS-1500 با نمایشگر دو طرفه

TS-1500 1500 kg payam tozin scale with two-way display


TS-1500 1500 kg payam tozin scale with two-way display

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Key product specifications:

  • 1500 kg capacity
  • Accuracy 200 grams
  • Dimensions of the sole (cm) 120×120
  • Column height (cm) 75
  • It has an internal counter
  • Ability to install two-way LCD and LED display

Before we discuss the 1500 kg payam tozin scale TS-1500 made by Payam Tozin company, it is better to have an understanding of 1500 kg weighing scales first. As their name suggests, 1500 kg scales are an accurate device for measuring the weight of objects up to one and a half tons. Payam TS-1500 1.5 ton scale is one of the most popular digital scales that allows users to load up to 1500 kg.

In the following, we will discuss the attractive features of this scale that have encouraged customers to buy it:

The structure and material of the 1.5 ton weighing scale body

1500 kg payam tozin scale model TS 1500 with its extraordinary design and high accuracy has been able to register a special place among the best industrial digital scales. The structure of the one and a half ton TS 1500 digital scale is made of metal, and in addition, it is coated with anti-scratch paint to increase its useful life. Therefore, this 1,500 kg scale can be used for most industries such as fruit and vegetable sales, chicken farming, scrap sales, etc.

The dimensions of the bottom of this scale are 120 x 120 cm, so the user can easily carry it with him. The TS1500 weighing scale designed by Payam Tozin has a single load cell, so that in order to obtain an accurate weight, the object in question must be placed at the center point of the tray so that the measurement can be done with higher accuracy. Of course, if requested by the customer, Payam Tozin company is able to make these scales in the form of 4 loadcell, in which case the scale will have a much higher accuracy than the single loadsley model.

Does the TS-1500 1500 kg scale have a counter?

Among the most important features of the TS-1500 1500 kg scale, we can mention the benefit of a double-sided screen, which allows displaying the unit price and the total price to both the user and the scale operator. It should be noted that this scale has the ability to install both LCD and LED displays. Also, this one and a half ton scale has an internal piece counter for weighing by number. It is worth mentioning that the accuracy of this scale is 200 grams, which can be considered a favorable figure for this category of scales. It is necessary to know that 1500 kg scales are also known as industrial scales because they are often used in industrial workshops and factories.

Contact the sales experts of Payam Tozin company to buy, advise and receive the updated price of the 1500 kg Payam Tozuin weighing scale TS-1500.

Product Name:

Payam Tozin scale




two tons


200 grams

pan dimensions:

120×120 cm

Column height:

75 cm

Screen protector:

has it

Edged pan:


Anti-scratch and electrostatic paint:



has it

Internal charging:

has it

Guard and side protector:

has it

Display type:

The display of Binazir sb company (the display can be changed)


14 months



the wheel:

has it


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باسکول 1500 کیلویی پیام توزین مدل TS-1500 با نمایشگر دو طرفهTS-1500 1500 kg payam tozin scale with two-way display
۳۰,۱۰۰,۰۰۰ تومان
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