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Scale suitable for shops and supermarkets

What do you think is the right scale for shops and supermarkets? What criteria do you think are important for buying store and grocery scales? We would like to guide you to get the most suitable scale, so stay with us.

Choosing the right scale for retail

If you are in the retail or hypermarket business and deal with daily consumables such as foods, meats, fruits and the like, chances are you depend on a lot of scales for your business. In fact, some businesses, such as retail meat and grain stores, where products are sold by measure are required by law to use standard approved weighing scales.

A suitable digital scale for the store

The digital scale has a digital load cell as well as an LCD or LED display that displays the weighing result numerically and with the most accurate possible display. Due to the fact that digital scales use newer technology, they also have various other capabilities. For example, some of them have the possibility to calculate the price of the product based on the weight and the base price, and there are even models that have memory and the price of different products can be stored in them and used when needed. Scales with printers, labeling scales, etc. are also available in the market. But the question is which one will be used the most. In the following, we will introduce 3 models of the most popular weighing scales, which will be suitable for your business in terms of accuracy, strength, efficiency, and price.

payam tozin scales for the shop

3 samples of payam tozin scales for use in shops, stores, butchers, spice shops, grocery stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, small greengrocers, etc. are very welcome. Because these mobile digital scales have prominent features such as being waterproof, accurate and readable, strong, shockproof, etc. We will continue to introduce these three orange-black portable scale models:

  1. 100 kg Payam tozin scale, model TS100
  2. 100 kg folding scale Payam Tozin model TM100 Maral
  3. 150 kg Payam Tozin scale, model TS150

Remember that using accurate and well-calibrated scales will ensure that your business complies with regulations and that your customers are not lost. Also, you will gain the trust of customers who support your business and over time, your sales will improve. To order and buy the mentioned scales and other models of Payam Tozin scales and scales, you can call the contact numbers available on this website right now.

Mrs. Salehian’s sales unit contact number: 09128970204

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