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Wholesale of rechargeable digital scales at a special price

The wholesale sale of rechargeable digital scales at a special price is possible by the famous Payam Tozin Mokerian company. Join us as we continue to introduce you to rechargeable digital scales and introduce you to the best-selling and most popular battery-powered scales and scales.

Rechargeable mobile scale

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of producing payam tozin scales and scales is to emphasize the strength of its mobility. Maybe the question that has been bothering you is how to call a Weighbridge or scale mobile? One of the most important features of payam tozin scales is that they can hold a charge for about 10 to 15 days when the battery inside is properly charged. This can be ideal for mobile businesses.

Payam Touzin rechargeable industrial scales and scales must be charged for about 8 hours without interruption with a special charger (provided by Payam Touzin company) so that they can keep charged for the time mentioned and help the business owner in this regard. do All Payam Touzin Mokrian Mahabad scale and weighing products can be used for a period of two weeks in places that do not have access to electricity, and this feature can be considered one of Payam Touzin’s prides, because all Payam Touzin’s loyal customers Weighing, we are called with this characteristic.

Payam Tazuin rechargeable industrial scales

  1. 100 kg payam tozin scale model TM100 Maral
  2. Digital scale of 100 kg Payam Tozin model TS100
  3. 150 kg Payam Tozin scale, model TS150
  4. 200 kg Payam tozin scale model TS200
  5. 300 kg Payam tozin scale, model TS300
  6. 300 kg folding payam tozin scale model TM300
  7. 300 kg scale Payam Tozin model TS300 plus
  8. 400 kg Payam tozin scale TS400 model
  9. 500 kg payam tozin scale TS500 model
  10. 700 kg Payam tozin scale, TS700 model
  11. TS1500 one and a half ton payam tozin scale

In order to buy all kinds of Payam Tozin scales n wholesale and retail with a valid 14-month unconditional warranty and lifetime after-sales service at a golden price, you can directly contact the sales department, Mrs. Salehian: Contact number: 09128970204

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